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As I work, I often resolve preventable issues. In this section I will address crippeling but preventable computer issues. If you have questions about situations on your own computer please post them at my top post on the Endeavor Applications business fan page https://www.facebook.com/endeavorapps/ and I will be happy to research and post a proper response for you.

Please don't be mistaken although on ounce of prevention is wroth a pound of cure. You can potentionally exastrbate a declining condition by attempting to fix a system that is above your level of experience.


If you don't know what you are doing aquire the assistance of someone that does. If you have to pay me or someone else it is better than making the problem worse than it was.

The content presented here is intended as a "heads up only," although some examples will have step by step information. I am making no requirenment that you do anything other than be awear. Jai Bentley Gaines, Endeavor Applications is not responsible for whatever may happen if you attempt to fix your own computer.